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Apr 1, 2015
10:23 am
Apr 1, 2015
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Apr 1, 2015
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Mar 31, 2015
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Mar 31, 2015
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Meme Invasion

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 3:09 AM
What better way to start the week and close a month is there? Exactly |D

So, let's see. i stole from :iconkawa-mucchi: and got tagged by :iconyekrutslover:

1. Thing one is something about posting rules
2. Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. No tag backs. 
6. A suggestion to tag 5 people that can definitely be ignored?
</s> Livin' the rebel live :icondealwithitplz:

  1. I have no idea what to write here
  2. I finally stopped listening to sailor related music, after almost a year straight
  3. I get easily addicted to music
  4. I suck at learning/ remembering vocabulary
  5. Unless it deals with numbers

So, now for the fun part:

Questions stolen from Kawa-Mucchi:

1. If you could time travel, when in time would you go to?
Ancient Egypt, because I always wanted to go there
2. Which of my characters is your favorite? 
Casper :heart:
3. What is love?
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more :music:
4. Would you prefer living in colder or warmer climates? 
I'd prefer a less rainy one
5. Thirty two white horses on a red hill, they champ, they stamp, then stand still. What am I?
Teeth (that was easy :I)

Question by Yekrutslover 

1. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
Before a computer screen in Finnland ^^
2. Do you have any good dating advice??? Please answer this is very important
Hahaha! I have you to know that I never know when people are flirting with me or not. I usually only knew when they started making out with me xD
So the only advise I can give you is: be yourself? Also, hunt where you feel most comfortable. SO in my case, it were dating sites instead of clubs or the like :shrug:
3. What is usually the last thing you think about before you go to bed?
Lately how much I keep screwing up fairly easy tasks.
4. Do you have any exes/not-quite-exes you can't get over?
Nope :D
5. What's your home life like?

Peaceful :D

Also tagged by :iconyekrutslover:

     1. How many ships do you currently have? (As in how many are currently dating/engaged/married/etc.)
4! I am incredible proud of myself :D

     2. Can you name all the pairings you have? (give their ship names too if they have one)
Squid Fairy Virsine Megil - Virgil x Melusine (and I still struggle for a good ship name)
Lastreka :D - best bromance of all times!
Jay x Skadi :dummy:
Lilexi - Lilin x Alexei in a way. The ship of feels.

     3. Who do you hold these ships with?
In order of appearance:
KeplerNova, zstew2 & Ra-Punzelle, Android3000, Ankdros    

     4. Which pair is the longest relationship?
Lilin x Alexei, I think, but I am still not sure how much of a ship they really are.
Second is Jay x Skadi

     5. Which pair is the newest relationship?
Triple rainbow bromance all the way!
Lastreka :D

     6. Which ship is the most romantic?

VirgilxMelusine, because they both are pretty old-fashioned and slow

     7. Which ship is the most messed up?
Either Lastreka or Lilexi.
The first one is a trio consisting of two alpha males and one confused weaver failing to comprehend what's going on.
The second one is dancing on the line between lovers and friends. Also Lilin is currently in hell, which makes a relationship pretty messed up.

     8. Which ship is the cutest?
That's not for me to decide.

     9. Which ship is the most developed?
Ehh... I have no idea. It's not Lastreka, but aside from that? I don't know.

     10. Which ship is closest to marriage? 
Very good question. Either VirgilxMelusine or JayxSkadi. But I don't think any of these are actually considering it.

     11. Do any of the ships currently have children/pregnancy involved?
Virgil and Melusine have a daughter - Cassandra :D

     12. Are any of them planning on having kids/trying getting pregnant? If so which one(s)?
Nope, at least none I know about :D

     13. Which pair is the most compatible you think?
Virgil and Melusine: fun loving, well mannered and they share similar clothing tastes.

     14. Any opposites attract?
Jay x Skadi: He is a trickster and she normally cannot stand such people.
Lastreka, because Lace is weird and basically unshipable

     15. Do you have a ship you love most? Why?
I love them all, but Lilexi a tiny bit more. Dem feels :iconcryforeverplz:

     16. Which ship(s) have been intimate?
None x'D

     17. Got any virgin pairs? (Neither of them has had sex yet)
Virgil x Melusine

     18. Got any secret ships/crack pairs?
Huehuehue eue

     19. You wanna tell us?
One of them is Emilace, but only to piss off Stren :evillaugh:

     20. Anybody you wish to ship with?
Too many and I have too many unshipable characters :iconotlplz:

     21. Wanna tell us who those users are?
BlueBlueFox leads the list ^^;

     22. Got any favorite ship(s) that are not yours?
Glaine, Helno, Kuravi, Yaska, Elfprechaun, Rozee, CountourxIoren (if it still exists)

     23. Got any ships that are not ships yet but are gonna be canon soon or in the future?
I am not sure what kind of ship Lilexi is and also... well, there is Emilace :XD:

     24. Got any girlxgirl/boyxboy ships?
I would like to see a f/f ship, but the only characters available for shipping are Kimi and Franzi. :iconnothingtodohereplz:
Enter at your own risk, I consider both to be unshipable.
Kimi is an elderly skunk in a human body and Franzi is a mad scientist/evil bitch.

     25. Which ship(s) do you think has the hottest couple lovers?
Hahaha! Literally, it would be Lilexi, because firemancy. But aside from that, I doubt 'hot' is the right term to describe them.

     26. List your ships in order from oldest to newest. 
Lilexi, JayxSkadi, VirgilxMelusine, Lastreka

     27. Who do you think will make the cutest babies?
The squid fairy is the cutest baby already :D

     28. Who do you think will make the prettiest bride? (Out of the female OCs you own)
Virgil Lilin, there is only Skadi to compete with and I just cannot imagine Skadi in an elaborate dress.

     29. Who do you think will make the handsomest groom? (Out of the male OCs you own)

And the winner is: Virgil. Partly because there is no competition and hey, it's Virgil. Of course he wins!

     30. Who do you want to get married the most/or who's wedding would you be most excited for?
Virgilx Melusine, if the ship sails long enough ^w^

Yay! You completed the questionnaire!
Yay :dummy:

Now tag at least 5 people!!
No :stare:


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