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I have far too many character ideas to fit into RP groups without twisting them too much. Some really nice adoptables and my brain randomly creating more characters out of thin air are to blame. So after last done somewhen during Summer 2014, here comes round two:

How it works/is supposed to work:
  1. Tell me you want to be part of this by leaving a comment telling me so. I'm looking for people doing this with me, after all ^^
  2. Once you found someone and they're agreed, you both go in your own corner and design an OC. You do NOT share any information about them, what they look like, what palette is made up of them, nothing.
  3. Wait! Don't post your design anywhere, or at least anywhere your partner for this can see it! You don't want to influence each other at all  in this!
  4. Once you've both contacted each other about finishing, shut your eyes and throw your designs at each other!
  5. Congratulations, you did it! You now have this super cool (or weird) pairing they you can create some rad (or terrible) stories with!
  6. Do something with these people.
But wait! Before you sign up, please be aware for certain things:
  • Even though this meme is supposed to generate ships/pairings, they don't necessarily need to be romantic partners. Also, depending on personality, it simply might not work out between them. But I do also like hateships Looking at you, Blanzisca
  • While the rules talk about design, you don't need to be a visual artist for this. A good description works just as well :D
  • I'll have 3-5 available spots for this
  • Real life can be a bitch, so I'll take my time and you can take yours. But don't forget about this!


  1. :iconblack-angel-dan:
  2. :iconra-punzelle:
  3. free
  4. free
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Divider 2 by Canzeda
„Überdies hat jeder Leser das Recht, seinem Autor in das Herz zu blicken, und dieser ist verpflichtet, es ihm stets offen zu halten. So gebe ich dir das meine. Ist es dir recht, so soll mich's freuen; magst du es nicht, so wird es dir dennoch stets geöffnet bleiben. Soll ein Buch seinen Zweck erreichen, so muss es eine Seele haben, nämlich die Seele des Verfassers.“
(Karl May, Old Surehand II)
"Furthermore, every reader has the right to see into their author's heart who is obliged to keep it open for them all times. So I give you mine. If it's alright with you, it shall delight me; if you don't like it, it will left open for you all the same. If a book shall serve its purpose, it has to have a soul, namely the soul of the writer."
Translation done by me
Divider 2 by Canzeda
Be very welcome!

Feel free to look around here. I can advise my favourite collection or the gallery. I think you might get an impression or two ;)
Well, what can I tell you about me? I think I'm kind of a freak. who rather collects quotes instead of faking words of wisdom ^^
Don't expect a huge "All about me" text here. I'm not good at that and don't want to bragg about myself either.

Divider 2 by Canzeda

“We are as forlorn as children lost in the woods. When you stand in front of me and look at me, what do you know of the griefs that are in me and what do I know of yours. And if I were to cast myself down before you and weep and tell you, what more would you know about me than you know about Hell when someone tells you it is hot and dreadful? For that reason alone we human beings ought to stand before one another as reverently, as reflectively, as lovingly, as we would before the entrance to Hell.”
(Franz Kafka)

Divider 2 by Canzeda
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Divider 2 by Canzeda
Die meisten Menschen legen ihre Kindheit ab wie einen alten Hut.
Sie vergessen sie wie eine Telefonnummer, die nicht mehr gilt.
Früher waren sie Kinder,
dann wurden sie Erwachsene,
aber was sind sie nun?
Nur wer erwachsen wird und ein Kind bleibt, ist ein Mensch.

(Erich Kästner)
Most people doff their childhood like an old hat.
They forget it like a telephone number which is no longer valid.
Once they were children,
Tthen they became adults,
But what are they now?
Only who grows up and stays a child, is a human.

Divider 2 by Canzeda

Amazing quotes of people I talked to

Du hast das Recht und die verdammte Pflicht dein Leben zu leben! Und zwar so, wie du es willst und du brauchst deswegen kein schlechtes Gewissen zu haben!
(My father)
You have the right and the damn duty to live your life. Namely the way you want to and you don't need to have a bad conscious about that!

When I speak to you, it's as good as staring off to the sea at a sunset.

You are the Queen of the Dusk, riding upon a Skeletal horse into the night.

We see what we see but that doesn't mean it's totally the truth.
Divider 2 by Canzeda

dA family

Divider 2 by Canzeda

Crew Stamp by DiluculiNotM Stamp - Eye Of The Storm (animated) by DiluculiPROUD stamp: Rose by Ra-PunzellePROUD stamp: Blair by Ra-PunzellePROUD stamp: Sitka by Ra-Punzelle

Divider 2 by Canzeda

Awesome divider taken from Canzeda

The Box Of Awesomeness

Diluculi Title PoemI'm fine
Sadly, you believe
I want to tell you
I can't
Behind the surface walls
A tale of woe
Death is knocking
Thank you DiluculiThank you Diluculi
I was sick, and you visited me every day –
Even though the visits were via telephone
Because you live across land and seas
I cannot cross.
I was helpless. Stuck with no way
To administrate, to plan, to move…
And in my quest for moving forward
You were there by my side
Organising everything I couldn’t  do:
Speakers, messages, words of encouragement.
You deserve more than the words I can give you
As thanks for what you did.
When I was frustrated, irritated, lonely or sad
You simply spoke with me;
A simple push of a button connecting two friends.
Thank you Riddle – for everything.
When I needed a bass student
You were the first one…
And then you brought a friend.
When I needed to contact people I could not
You were the ‘middleman’
Taking flak from both sides
As frustrations crept in.
You gave words of comfort to a shell-shocked soul
At three in the morning
When sleeping tablets had failed.
I owe yo
Little AngelLittle Angel
One whose heart beats within your soul,
Is fading before your eyes.
Your spirit shrivels and goes cold;
He shouldn’t have to die.
Cancer was life’s payout,
For a life lived good and true.
And now there’s not a shred of doubt;
He’s dying; so are you.
When your spirit’s broken,
And your heart can barely beat,
When there’s nothing to be spoken,
And you’re weary on your feet.
Come and sit down here with me,
Upon the dusty floor,
You can cry until you cannot see,
And then still cry some more.
Curl up in my arms my dear,
Or on the floor alone.
Just know that I will be here;
I won’t let you turn to stone.
Let your pain flow out from you,
Through tears or agonising words.
Just know that no matter what you do,
Your voice is always heard.
Curl up little angel, let your wings take rest.
Listen to the care that beats for you within my chest.
And should your feathers crumble, like ashes in the storm,
Know I’m al
To FriendsTo Friends
I speak to the friend who found the lump there,
How terrible it must be to wait for six
Before finding out what you need to bear:
Has it grown? Must it be nixed?
     Go in six, with prayer and thought, and down at them stare
     For ‘twas their idea to make it so when two would have it fixed.
To the friend revelling in newfound love and joy,
Oh how wonderful it is to find your “to be”
Upon these rocky times. Girl met boy
And it didn’t take long for love to seed.
     Go, my friend, though life be coy,
     Go and treat her out of want and need.
Oh, teacher darling, I trust you so
To teach me what you would.
I trust that as deeper into poetry we go
I will learn things that I should.
     Come into my world of noes,
     Enlighten them with new talk of yeses and coulds.
To the one with whole worlds resting upon her shoulders,
They are not you
Snarky SharkySnarky Sharky
Snarky Sharky waiting in the back tide
With singing seals and the dolphins, ditsy
From playing with sailors; now they’re tipsy.
Sharky’s easy: he’ll eat some sons and brides.
Little’uns, and bigger ones, oh he’ll try
To gobble you up all nice and flipsy,
His massive mouth shows you teeth so nibbly
And you can see the bloodlust in his eyes.
The thought of Sharky fills your head with fears:
Sharky does not discriminate at all
Over those whom he eats and leaves behind.
When he smells your blood cascading like tears
From afar he will come, and he will maul
You, crush you, bite you gnaw; your bones he’ll grind.
Down on One KneeDown on One Knee
Down on one knee I rest, my heart in hands
Once superior to all, they now shake
Through years of abuse and misuse by man.
My heart is left to those who’ll use and make
Something from it, both wonderful and great.
I give my heart to you my trusted friend,
You’ve been there through the thick and thin and ache
That rests in chests when friendship has an end.
When you were down mine was the hand to mend,
And soon you returned to the world of light;
I trust you now, my healings at its end
And I must flee to fight the beast this night.
Down on one knee, my heart to you I bring,
That you may stitch it up and give it wings.
Those Things AmazingThose Things Amazing
You loved him once, you loved him twice, and thrice, and more,
But now he says “It’s over, love is gone and I must shut the door
Between our hearts, because I don’t want to hurt you any more than needs be;
We are now ‘I’s where we once were ‘we’.”
Your heart, it beats within your ears like bloody thunder pounding
And you try to stop the tears that show the wounding
Of your very core, for there is more to you than heart, there is spirit and soul;
Crushed once, crushed twice, but still sprung back part whole.
He hugs you one last time, “I’m sorry my darling, please don’t break
For I know you – we shared hurts and pains and aches –
And you have suffered these three years more than any other;
You lost a solid man, a friend and now me, your significant lover.”
Your eyes are melting into your face and your hands, they shake with a palsy
That can only be utter devasta
Every Bicyle Loses Its Training WheelsDid they expect her to stand between them
to reach out and take their hands and
lead them to adventures that'd tear their hems
or dash them across cold beaches with cold sand?
When they visited and told her the news
"Callie we have something to tell you, see"
One played with his hair, smelling oddly of booze
"Though we've become a pair of two, you make us three-"
"You're drunk," she cut them off with a snort;
did they expect her to accept their reasons
as they hogged her doorstep and porch
smelling of pumpkin wine from fall's season?
"Maybe you're a terrifying two now, but"
she led them inside, much to father's disgust
"You're not the only ones," she said with a tut
leading them upstairs with Abuela's nod of trust
Hands fell from a mess of hair and eyes of blue
no green, no blue, two sets of green stared at her
and when the door opened leading to her room
the far-away visitors found in the window... her sir.
A pointed pause before shaking fingers pointed at Nat
"I knew it!" Llo cried w
PCG Secret Santa: Pie of the SkyStan was never sure just what kind of presents to get people. Growing up in a cave, he had never had a lot of options, and his slightly sinister Dark-type family was not a group prone to giving things away anyway… or at least, not to people outside their own group. Stan, however, didn’t feel strange at all trying to find a present for his Secret Santa recipient. After all, the inhabitants of the camp were kind of his family now, weren’t they? And, at least for the most part, Stan had decided, they all made of a pretty nice family. Polaris was a nice and friendly person, even if she acted a bit strange and immature. Zuzu and Armpit were excellent camp counselors as well, in his opinion, and Stan was highly impressed with the abilities of all three to keep such a place running.
The other members of the group – well, most of them, at least, were very pleasant people as well. Anatri was certainly fun to be around, and Naomi and Reese, despite their dangerous fire-ba
Presents for Maggie. (NotM SS event)."I'll be away for awhile. Maybe a week or two, depending on how things turn out".
"Is that so? Where are you going?"
"I find myself needing to have a meeting with my people. Did your Mother ever tell you about a pirate who would always leave around that one holiday... Chriss-mast?"
"Hmm... ah, yes, I remember. The one who'd have another party to go to? And something about silver flowers?"
"Correct. See, that pirate was me, and what I went off to was a celebration of the Winter Solstice with the other soulless. With everything that's happened in the past 30 years, well... we never really had a chance to celebrate it properly, and I need to go see my people to decide what to do".
"Isn't it a little late for that, though? December has just begun, and Christmas is just around the corner".
"It is, unfortunately, but it can't be helped. My people should be fairly settled in their temporary home by now, and as the leader of the soulless, as much as I hate being it, it is my duty to make su
NOTM: Diego's Christmas CarolBelieve it or not, Diego did like Christmas.
    He bought the present for his captain in practically just a moment. He had only had one guideline regarding her potential Christmas wishlist - the shinier the better, and possibly something she hadn't seen before - and it had been making things much more difficult than he had originally thought they would be. When, however, he saw what he saw in the city, he couldn't help himself and bought it without doubts. This was the perfect gift for Maggie; accenting her superior position, with a rather unique twist... And of course it was all kinds of shiny.
    He decided to hide it in Jackie's room. His green-haired friend was... Quite shocked to see it, to say the least. But so long as it was kept in the box the merchant had included, she seemed to be fine with it being there - which Diego discovered with quite a relief; he only remembered about Jackie's OCD when it was too late already to back

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Creature doll feature by leelu
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