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So I stole this meme from :iconkeplernova:

1. What's your name?:

Diluculi ^^

2. Are you single or taken?

Taken by someone who must be out of his mind. Otherwise he wouldn't have :love:

3. Sexuality?


4. Gender?:


5. Would you rather have 3 boobs or no boobs?:

Wow, what a question to start a meme with ^^
Actually, I think I rather have the trio than none but I won't explain to you why.

6. What do you draw?:

Mostly human(oid)s, especially fantasy themed. Also, I am trying to get better with landscapes.

7. Have you ever drawn smut or written smut in your whole entire life?:

I wrote it, I deleted it. It was not good.

8. Where are you currently living now?:

9. Favourite song?:

Totally depends on surroundings and mood. The songs which always win me over are:

I cannot find a good version of the next one, so I will not link it. But it's called "Am Fenster" and by the band named "City". :heart:

10. Favourite food?:

I like so many kinds of food ^^" Liquorice for example.

11. Favourite colour?:

Deep dark ocean blue.

12. Favourite drink?


13. Where were you born?:

GDR and if you need to learn more, go ask Google ^^

14. Where is the place you last went to?:

My university

15. What's the last thing you drank?:


16. What's the last thing you ate?:

Leftover salad

17. Favourite user on here?:

Don't make me choose. :iconbloodypatch::icondarlingangel0565::iconmagicaljoey::icontuiskulumi::iconra-punzelle: are only 5 of my favourites!

18. Whose your first watcher?:

:iconbloodypatch: (we joined together xD)

19. Whose your latest watcher?:


20. What's your favourite deviation?: (yours)

OW: Blood vs. Water 1Lilin stared at the announcement board, her yellow eyes with the red border widening. The cane in her right hand slightly trembled and for a moment, she had the feeling the world was spinning and collapsing around her.
"It can't be! It shan't be! It must be a fake. This can't be true!", she thought. But this wasn't a hallucination caused by Cressida's potions. This wasn't a prank. It was the twisted humor of the Otherworlde Academy. Whoever decided on the pairing had a sick love of making friends fight each other. Lilin didn't knew about the friendship between Glitch and Kaine before they had met each other in battle. But throughout the fight, she had heard other students talking about it. She had seen the rather weak fight they had shown, compared to what they usually did. Even if it had been a farce, they had put on a fight. However, Lilin was sure they had accomplished something she couldn't. It was wrong, so wrong on so many levels. She knew she was unable to hurt him.
So far, she
and the following parts of it. Mainly because I look back and wonder how I did it.

21. What's your favourite deviation by another person?: (someone else's)

1000 W0RDS by yuumei

22. Your first deviation?:

Gefallener EngelWar so lange tugendhaft und rein,
sittsam, gütig und fein.
Erstrahlte in weißem Licht,
weiß Flügel, Haut, Gesicht.
War wie es sich gehört,
niemals die Ordnung gestört.
Ein Engel unter vielen
die alle Gott gefielen.
Er sandte sie aus, um Seelen zu holen,
viele würden vom Teufel gestohlen.
Sie kamen herab zur Erde,
zu retten Gottes Herde.
Doch die Seele eines Toten
folgte bereits Teufels Boten.
Und keiner der übrigen Engelsschar,
so seltsam es auch war,
kümmerte sich drum,
alle standen nur im Kreis herum.
"Warum lasst ihr das geschehen?"
"Wir haben die Vergangenheit gesehen.
Dieser Mensch führte kein gutes Leben"
"Doch alle Sünden sollen wir vergeben!"
"Das mag für viele Sünden gelten,
für Unglück den Herr zu schelten,
das kann nie vergeben werden!"
damit verließen sie Erden.
Doch einer blieb zurück allein.
"So darf es doch nicht sein.
Der Mensch war doch im Recht,
it's so bad in hindsight...

23. A friend's first deviation?:

Angelic Loring Nova by Lunacella by :iconlunacella:

24. Your latest deviation?:

OW: April Haikus - Day 14Namasté, my friend
It's a pleasure meeting you
I've so much to ask

25. A friend's latest deviation?:

Mornings of a lonely heartYou walk, one step hits the other
Your eyes fixed on the cracks
All the strings of your heart behind you
Will someone pick one of them
Will someone see them
“Am I visible, well, I'm a +1,
I change the math of the universe”
do I?
You walk and your tears sitting at the edge
Just ready to slip away from you
Will someone catch them
Will someone ask why
Then you just hide inside your coat
And avoid every look piercing through
“Comforting my own fears, I will be fine”
Will I?
You walk with your notes from last night
Falling from your pockets,
Your words, scattered on the old street
Will someone read them
Will someone understand
What language does my heart speak
That it can't find a friend in this world
by :iconmrs-freestar-bul:

26. Favourite TV show/movie?:

Star Wars

27. Hobbies?:

Reading, writing, drawing, solving puzzles

28. Favourite book?:

Don't make me choose. I have too many.

29. First TV show/anime you ever watched?

Sailor Moon? I honestly have no idea,

30. Lastest TV show/anime you watched?:

White Collar :love:

31. Where would you wanna go?:


32. Dream job?:

Physicist :XD:

33. Birthday?:

November 20th

34. What are you best drawing/writing at?:

You tell me, because I fail to notice ^^
I do believe I am good at descriptions and settings, but well, I could be wrong.

35. Bedtime?:

Whenever I think I should go to sleep.

36. Do you use standard time or military time?:


37. Do you draw?:


38. Do you write?:


39. What's the thing you want most in the world?:

Happiness for the people I hold dear.

40. What's something that you hate?:


41. What's something you REALLY REALLY hate?:


42. What're your grades in English?:

Last grade in English I got was... somewhere around 90% I think? I haven't had an English class in quite a while.

43. Best grades on what subject?:

Instructions unclear, got stuck in washing machine.

44. Your most favourite teacher in what grade?:

It's a tie between my Latin Teacher during 7-10th grade and my Physics Teacher during my final years.

45. Least favourite teacher in what grade?:

The one who failed teaching history and philosophy, because she fell asleep >.>

46. If you know, how old is your teacher?:

I don't know, I don't care.

47. Do you communicate with your teacher?:

Yes, it's pretty hard not to communicate with anyone. Silence and body language is still part of communication.

48. Do you have alot of friends?:

I don't think so.

49. Do you have a small amount of friends?:


50. Eye colour?:

I wish I could define it. It's yellowish-brown on the inner ring. a grey-green-blue mixture in the middle and an outer blue ring.

51. Hair colour?:

All shades of dirty blonde and brown.

52. Religion?:


53. Ethnicity?:


54. What holidays do you NOT celebrate?:

The majority, I believe

55. What holidays do you celebrate?:

New Years, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas. The others are only used as an excuse to make a party, but even those are not regular or follow any traditions.

56. Skin colour?:

see #53, exactly the one you'd expect me to have

57. What languages do you speak?:

German (surprise). English, Latin. A tiny tiny amount of Spanish and Finnish.

58. What accessories do you wear?:

Few, mostly earrings if any

59. Formal clothing or informal clothing?:

Whatever I feel like wearing

60. Favourite time in history?:

No favourite

61. Do you like playing video games?:

Name a genre and I can give you an answer.

62. Do you have a phone?:


63. Look to your right, what do you see?:

The living room

64. Look to your left, what do you see?:

A wall

65. Look behind you, what do you see?:

An open door with a koi on it.

66. How tall are you?:

1.81 m

67. Nickname?:

On the Internet: Dilu, The Dilu, Delucli, Riddle, Riddly, Fishcake
I will not give you the ones I have outside the internet aside from "hey you!"

68. What's the place you last visited out of your country/state/city?:


69. Have you gotten pregnant before?:

BEFORE?? No, no pregnancy at all so far.

70. Favourite animal?:


71. You swear or nah?:

Yes, the world has ruined me :XD:

72. Admit it, are you more or less awesome than Prussia?:

Are we talking about a Prussia I ma not aware of? How can I be more or less awesome than a country which doesn't exist anymore. Help please ^^

73. Favourite shipping?:

Too many!

74. How many sisters do you have?


75. How many brothers do you have?:

Many. Last time I counted: 4, not all blood related. Modern family :dummy:

76. Favourite youtuber?:


77. Do you like rainbows?:


78. Do you like pancakes?:

Yes again

79. Do you like unicorns?:

I haven't met any, but I still like them

80. Do you drink?:


81. If you drink, what do you drink?:

water, tea, juices, beer, wine, ... you know.

82. Have you ever self-harmed?:

Not in the usual sense of self-harm

83. Short or long hair?:

Past shoulders, but I would like it to grow longer (which is kindly refuses to do)

84. Are you a class clown?:


85. Do you break rules on purpose?:

Depends on the rule ^^

86. Name one silly name that has a silly ending on it.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

87. Favourite fruit?:


88. You like bubble tea?:

Not at all. Tried it once and prefer real tea

89. Do you like durians?:


90. What do you think of when you hear the name "Holly"?:

Monster Rancher, the second main character was named Holly.

91. Favourite character in one of your books/TV shows/movies/animes?:

Marvin the robot

92. Toilet paper brand?:

Seriously? It's just toilet paper, who cares about the brand??

93. What colour is one of your cars?:

No car

94. What flavour of ice cream do you like?:

I liked that Rose-Strawberry I once came across.

95. Favourite candy?:

Liquorice and sour stuff

96. If it's really sunny outside, what do you eat?:

Whatever I feel like eating.

97. Do you like bacon?:


98. Do you like rice?:


99. Do you like to do tons of pranks?:

I'd like to, but I mostly avoid the effort of actually doing them ^^;

100. Tag atleast 5 friends:

:stare: No



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Divider 2 by Canzeda
„Überdies hat jeder Leser das Recht, seinem Autor in das Herz zu blicken, und dieser ist verpflichtet, es ihm stets offen zu halten. So gebe ich dir das meine. Ist es dir recht, so soll mich's freuen; magst du es nicht, so wird es dir dennoch stets geöffnet bleiben. Soll ein Buch seinen Zweck erreichen, so muss es eine Seele haben, nämlich die Seele des Verfassers.“
(Karl May, Old Surehand II)
"Furthermore, every reader has the right to see into their author's heart who is obliged to keep it open for them all times. So I give you mine. If it's alright with you, it shall delight me; if you don't like it, it will left open for you all the same. If a book shall serve its purpose, it has to have a soul, namely the soul of the writer."
Translation done by me
Divider 2 by Canzeda
Be very welcome!

Feel free to look around here. I can advise my favourite collection or the gallery. I think you might get an impression or two ;)
Well, what can I tell you about me? I think I'm kind of a freak. who rather collects quotes instead of faking words of wisdom ^^
Don't expect a huge "All about me" text here. I'm not good at that and don't want to bragg about myself either.

Divider 2 by Canzeda
"I still get laughed at but it doesn't bother me,
I'm just so glad to hear laughter around me."

(Amanda F*cking Palmer)

Divider 2 by Canzeda
“We are as forlorn as children lost in the woods. When you stand in front of me and look at me, what do you know of the griefs that are in me and what do I know of yours. And if I were to cast myself down before you and weep and tell you, what more would you know about me than you know about Hell when someone tells you it is hot and dreadful? For that reason alone we human beings ought to stand before one another as reverently, as reflectively, as lovingly, as we would before the entrance to Hell.”
(Franz Kafka)

Divider 2 by Canzeda
free counters

Divider 2 by Canzeda
Die meisten Menschen legen ihre Kindheit ab wie einen alten Hut.
Sie vergessen sie wie eine Telefonnummer, die nicht mehr gilt.
Früher waren sie Kinder,
dann wurden sie Erwachsene,
aber was sind sie nun?
Nur wer erwachsen wird und ein Kind bleibt, ist ein Mensch.

(Erich Kästner)
Most people doff their childhood like an old hat.
They forget it like a telephone number which is no longer valid.
Once they were children,
Tthen they became adults,
But what are they now?
Only who grows up and stays a child, is a human.

Divider 2 by Canzeda

Amazing quotes of people I talked to

Du hast das Recht und die verdammte Pflicht dein Leben zu leben! Und zwar so, wie du es willst und du brauchst deswegen kein schlechtes Gewissen zu haben!
(My father)
You have the right and the damn duty to live your life. Namely the way you want to and you don't need to have a bad conscious about that!

When I speak to you, it's as good as staring off to the sea at a sunset.

You are the Queen of the Dusk, riding upon a Skeletal horse into the night.

We see what we see but that doesn't mean it's totally the truth.
Divider 2 by Canzeda

dA family
Related to: :icondarlingangel0565::icontuiskulumi:
Married to: :iconra-punzelle::iconjustlovearts:

Divider 2 by Canzeda

OCs Ignore Me stamp by Ra-PunzellePROUD stamp: Rose by Ra-PunzellePROUD stamp: Blair by Ra-PunzellePROUD stamp: Sitka by Ra-Punzelle

Awesome divider taken from Canzeda

The Box Of Awesomeness

Diluculi Title PoemI'm fine
Sadly, you believe
I want to tell you
I can't
Behind the surface walls
A tale of woe
Death is knocking
Thank you DiluculiThank you Diluculi
I was sick, and you visited me every day –
Even though the visits were via telephone
Because you live across land and seas
I cannot cross.
I was helpless. Stuck with no way
To administrate, to plan, to move…
And in my quest for moving forward
You were there by my side
Organising everything I couldn’t  do:
Speakers, messages, words of encouragement.
You deserve more than the words I can give you
As thanks for what you did.
When I was frustrated, irritated, lonely or sad
You simply spoke with me;
A simple push of a button connecting two friends.
Thank you Riddle – for everything.
When I needed a bass student
You were the first one…
And then you brought a friend.
When I needed to contact people I could not
You were the ‘middleman’
Taking flak from both sides
As frustrations crept in.
You gave words of comfort to a shell-shocked soul
At three in the morning
When sleeping tablets had failed.
I owe yo
Little AngelLittle Angel
One whose heart beats within your soul,
Is fading before your eyes.
Your spirit shrivels and goes cold;
He shouldn’t have to die.
Cancer was life’s payout,
For a life lived good and true.
And now there’s not a shred of doubt;
He’s dying; so are you.
When your spirit’s broken,
And your heart can barely beat,
When there’s nothing to be spoken,
And you’re weary on your feet.
Come and sit down here with me,
Upon the dusty floor,
You can cry until you cannot see,
And then still cry some more.
Curl up in my arms my dear,
Or on the floor alone.
Just know that I will be here;
I won’t let you turn to stone.
Let your pain flow out from you,
Through tears or agonising words.
Just know that no matter what you do,
Your voice is always heard.
Curl up little angel, let your wings take rest.
Listen to the care that beats for you within my chest.
And should your feathers crumble, like ashes in the storm,
Know I’m al
To FriendsTo Friends
I speak to the friend who found the lump there,
How terrible it must be to wait for six
Before finding out what you need to bear:
Has it grown? Must it be nixed?
     Go in six, with prayer and thought, and down at them stare
     For ‘twas their idea to make it so when two would have it fixed.
To the friend revelling in newfound love and joy,
Oh how wonderful it is to find your “to be”
Upon these rocky times. Girl met boy
And it didn’t take long for love to seed.
     Go, my friend, though life be coy,
     Go and treat her out of want and need.
Oh, teacher darling, I trust you so
To teach me what you would.
I trust that as deeper into poetry we go
I will learn things that I should.
     Come into my world of noes,
     Enlighten them with new talk of yeses and coulds.
To the one with whole worlds resting upon her shoulders,
They are not you
Happy Birthday: Diluculi: Lady Riddle by LunacellaLeith by LunacellaHow Do I Look? by Ra-PunzelleComm: Linaree by Ra-PunzelleComm: Kimi the Skunk by Ra-PunzelleAssorted Assignments: February by Ra-Punzelleow: le bunnysuit by justloveartsRandom gift for Diluculi by HylianOfCourage OW - Secret SantaFirst years' Skull Dormitories.
An unusual presence of a white crow, followed by two smaller birds, was floating the dark ceiling in disguise.
A certain place at exactly that area was of great interest. A certain room. The sylph only wished that nobody would look up, at least nobody that knew him enough for recognizing his sight. 
It had to be kept in a great secret. That was why the event and the person were called 'Secret Santa.' (Even that he didn't understand very well who was the man called 'Santa'. In his head and from what he'd heard, was one with a legendary beard.) 
Alexei kept the last days searching for this room and made a mental map, so on the 25th he wouldn't get lost as usually happens. The hard work with the assignments didn't also help on having free time for the searching, so building the mental map lasted more than he expected. After some moments, cursed his bad memory over and over, and recieved lots of pokes of his red-haired counterpart.
OW - Tournament: Match 8 Pt. 1 by AnkdrosOW - AST 104 - Small Predictions by AnkdrosCaptain Lady Riddle by InfinityTHRICEThe Captain by InfinityTHRICEDirty Night Clowns by DarkthareArt Trade - The Queen of Riddles by DeeryDeerth:thumb507880537:Art trade: Diluculi by DarktharePerolis Felidae Adotpable :CLOSED: by Okami-HeartOtherworlde: CRS 102 January Assignment by thatpartwhereiartDoodle: OW Pokemon by thatpartwhereiartOtherworlde: Valentine's Gifts by thatpartwhereiart OW: SHD 103 - Valentine's FightFor her Shadowmancy assignment, Merrillana knew exactly who she was going to give the card to. Mostly because he was her friend, but also because she knew that when he was alone he was sad, so she decided to brighten up his day by giving him the Valentine’s Day card.
The only problem was that she couldn’t read nor write. So she couldn’t fill out the card as desired. She was sure a big heart and a crude drawing of Virgil where his name would be would suffice… But she wanted to write something. It was a Valentine’s Day card, not an assignment. You don’t give crude drawings for Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day was special!
She could always go to someone and ask them to write it for her, but it wouldn’t be as special then either.
Merrillana could make the Valentine’s Day card, but she couldn’t write on it. That’s what was frustrating the light dragon. Little bits of pink paper was strewn around the
Ow: Valentine's Drabbles~*~
Emily x Darvenel – Under the Moonlit Stars
She now knew why her other self liked being up here so much. The cool breeze against one’s exposed skin, her hair flying around her face in a gentle manner, and the view of the school from almost the top of the castle was exquisite.
And it was quiet.
No one could disturb you up here, unless they blatantly searched for you.
“Emmmyyyyyyyyyy!” The peace was ripped away from her by the blonde child known as Darvenel. Of course it would be the only person in the world that she wouldn’t mind all that much being disturbed by. Well, not the only person.
But she just couldn’t be angry at the Chronomancy student. It felt as if he was like a little, dangerous brother to her. “Emmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! What are you doing up here all alone?!!”
“I am looking at the stars and the moon Darvenel. Seeing as I have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with and I never got word from my date.
the hit list / Theon's Valentine's Day Gifts     Who didn't love Valentine's day? It was one of Theon's favorite holidays, right next to Halloween! The changeling appreciated any excuse to shower love and affection on his friends in a way that was socially acceptable! Not the he cared about what was socially acceptable, but still. Valentine's day was great!
     Usually Theon would spend several weeks preparing for the holiday, because it was fun to put thought into the gifts he gave and surprise his friends and see those smiles on their faces... And he did prepare this year. Maybe not as extensively and over the top as normal, but it wasn't his fault, the poor teenager was distracted.
     (Not by school work, obviously not, why would you even suggest that? No, he had a giant hot dragon boyfriend person that was a big part of his life, and even if he didn't spend a lot of time with the dragon, he would daydream and let his mind wander and be entirely unpr
OW Secret Santa: Virgil by viralremixOW Daycare by Rndom-ObsessionsOW: Valentine's Crack Baby by Rndom-Obsessions Otherworlde: Meeting in the Spirit RealmHow long had it been in the spirit realm? Hours? Days? Years?
How long had it been since she had been trapped here?
Cressida remembered quite well what her reflection had done, how she had used some sort of written spell to transform Cressida into a spirit and seal her in a hawthorn tree. She wasn’t sure how. MCressida had said something about ‘calling in favors’, which meant that someone else had probably provided her with that spell. It wasn’t the sort of thing MEmily could do… unless, perhaps, one of the spirits she had contacted had given her the spell somehow? Alternatively, Cressida had heard that the Magical Linguistics professor, Razik, had quite a nasty reflection himself, but she knew very little about Razik and his reflection. Would MRazik have been willing to do such a thing for the witch’s reflection? Cressida didn’t know. But what mattered was that she was stuck in a forest clearing as a tree, while her reflection was free to wand
:thumb524005948: OW: A Meme Virus"Well, well, well. What have we here?"
Blair leaned to the back of Sitka's and rested his chin on the other's shoulder. Sitka, sitting with some papers at the table, sent Blair a warning stare.
"One step back," he demanded in a calm, apparently casual voice, however the leprechaun knew exactly what it meant.
"Okay, okay. Ya grump face," he muttered unhappily, but did as he was told, putting hands in his pockets. "Still. What is it?"
"I don't know..." Sitka browsed the papers lazily. "Yasmine came to me, panicking, because Lace wrote her an awkward letter and she didn't know how to understand it."
"And? What did ya say?"
"I said holy shit, then I laughed, and then I noticed that may not have been the reaction she expected, so I said I didn't understand it, either."
"So very helpful."
"I went to ask Lace about that." Sitka tried very hard to not laugh at that memory. "But he, of course, was even more con
Some straw, some gold, yeah? by FabiLuvDay Trip to Hell 2 by leeluOtherworlde: New Students Doodles by thatpartwhereiartStory w/ Riddle by Lunacella::OTW:: Durpy Headshots by lizziecat1279

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